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Terminal operator as well as haulage and container services provider.


Terminal operator Our core business Our terminals, Atlantic quay and Americas quay

Terminal operator

  • Loading and unloading ships
  • Receipt / delivery of containers at the port
  • Managing empty containers
  • Harbour transport
  • Stuffing/stripping non-hazardous goods
  • Managing controlled temperature containers
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Direct access to river barges image

2 hours to Paris

  • On the A13
  • We completely excluded using the computer based rendezvous system for truck drivers, since it can't apprehend the road hazards and therefore meet our partner's expectations.
Gateway to Europe

  • Best transit time in Northern Europe
  • 1st stopover port for imports
  • Average time until arrival at pilot station: 1 hour
Western Europe in 36 hours

  • Access to all of Western Europe in max. 36 hours./Strong>
  • Daily and weekly collection service to large European ports

Actual container handling

  • Loading / unloading
    It is forbidden to load or unload hazardous goods.
  • Stowing
    Loading crates onto flats / open top containers. Lashing goods in containers.
  • Securing
    non-hazardous goods stock.

  • Tallying
    Qualitative and administrative container tracking. Also the control point for transferring responsibility between parties.
  • Reefers (refrigerated)
    Connecting or disconnecting reefers, temperature is taken and inspection is carried out 3 times a day to ensure that the container is working well during its stay, and in order to preserve the goods at the temperature required.

Intra-port transport We deal with more than 25,000 containers every year.


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