560 men and women

With 510 skilled dockworkers and each presenting their specialties, 50 administrative and commercial, CNMP ensures the loading and / or unloading of more than 360,000 TEUs per year.

Organized in several subsidiaries, they ensure the fluidity and safety of flow of containers, breakbulks and other port handling at the northern terminals.

Organizational chart CNMP and subsidiaries


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An organization according to the activity

There are 4 main areas of activity at CNMP with specific players for each.

The plateform
on which operations and handling operations are carried out.
Its work is carried out by dockers and requires real know-how and constant attention. They are responsible for the smooth running of loading / unloading operations during ship calls, securing materials (COGECO) and people and keeping pace which make CNMP an operator of choice for its customers.
Road transport service
whose activity includes road transfers between terminals but also to private warehouses.
Dockers who know the terminals and the port perfectly well drive the 25 CNMP trucks and ensure the transport of containers to customers in optimal security conditions for goods and people.
COGEMAP et MECAP workshops
who provide all maintenance on the machine.
Whether preventive or curative, maintenance actions are carried out internally and by teams dedicated either to gantry cranes (COGEMAP) or to CNMP rolling vehicles such as trucks ans straddle carriers (MECAP). These two companies, subsidiaries of CNMP, guarantee continuity of services and reflect the particular attention paid to anticipating the hazards encountered during the operation of the terminal.
The offices
in which the link between the platform and the customers is ensured.
Monitoring of operations, customer relations, accounting, management, planning, ship-planning, studies; all administrative services are provided in the offices located at Quai de l'Atlantique.