CNMP infrastructures

CNMP teams operate two terminals, both located on the north terminals in Le Havre and on two separate docks.

They are located on the René Coty basin which is located in the historic port. They thus have all the advantages of an open sea basin, with the 14.20m draft for the Quai des Amériques but with the protection and hinterland connections offered by inland ports.

The Atlantic terminal is the first historic terminal dedicated to containers in France.

It therefore has a central place in the city of Le Havre and has structural advantages that could not be reproduced in port 2000.

The Quays

Properties, gantries


The platform

Surfaces, machinery, safety



Trains, river, road


One Terminal, two quays
CNMP agents operate on the Atlantic terminal, which is made up of two docks with distinct properties that meet different needs.

Quai de l'Atlantique

  • 800m in length

  • 4 post-panamax gantries

  • 13.80m draft

  • An average productivity of 22-25 moves
  • Quai des Amériques

  • 500m in length

  • 5 post-panamax gantries

  • 14.20m draft

  • An average productivity of 25-30 moves
  • The platform
    The platform is the terminal's lung. There is a continuous flow of machines that follow each other, intersect and ensure its production.

    35 ha of surface
    Ideally located behind the porticoes of the two quays, CNMP has a buffer zone of 35 ha.
    2 empties storage areas
    On the edge of the main storage platform, two large areas specifically reserved for empties have been created.
    30 straddle carriers
    A renewal of the straddle carriers fleet, at the rate of 9 every 5 years, is underway to switch to a hybrid engine and thus reduce gas emissions. The first 9 were received in 2018.
    Container maintenance area
    Located near the COGECO workshops and the empties to optimize moves, this specially designed area is dedicated to maintenance.
    Secure hangar
    Used only for storage, this building has a secured surface area of ​​2000 m².
    The terminal is in an ISPS zone, it is therefore under constant video surveillance.
    Connections to the hinterland
    As the first terminal dedicated to containers, the Atlantic terminal was built in the ideal location on the port of Le Havre to offer the greatest optimization in trade with the hinterland.
    Thus it benefits from advantages on this point which remain unique to it.

    3 highways 5 minutes away

    With the A29 towards Amiens Lille and Northern Europe, the A13 towards Paris on one side, the west on the other, and finally the A28 which joins the south via Le Mans, the Port Havre is a real motorway node.

    3 tracks on the Terminal

    As with the road, the terminal's geographical location (at the center of everything) ensures it is open to internal networks: a unique opening to the hinterland.

    Direct access to the river

    This is another specificity of the northern terminals since, unlike the 2000 port basin, the barges have direct access to the Seine through the François 1er lock adjacent to the Quai des Amériques, considerably reducing the duration of journeys to the interior of the country.