CNMP, the city of Le Havre and its dockers
If CNMP has been able to reinvent itself over the years, out of necessity of course, in the face of an ever-changing market or under the impetus of the various leaders who have made its history, it nevertheless remains the oldest handling operator in Le Havre since its journey begins in 1920.

Like Le Havre and its dockers, it has experienced all the historical events of the 20th century and the continuous structural adaptations to the formats of early maritime trade from the 21st.
quai de l'Atlantique
MSC quaid de l'Atlantique
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Port du Havre

1968 - First French terminal dedicated to containers

The Atlantic terminal was inaugurated in 1968. Operated by the CNMP then called CNM, it marks the arrival of the container in Le Havre and in France. It is, for the port as for the company, an adaptation which will be followed by many others. Many of them will be carried out jointly to develop the infrastructure used by dockers.

In 1989 the CNM was transformed into a Group. It ceases its terminal operating activity. This real know-how is transferred to its subsidiary CNMP which inherits, as a result, the core business of the CNM, its teams and its infrastructures.
2014 - New momentum
2014 marks a turning point for CNMP which, following the takeover of the company by Mr. Roger Cavelier, leaves the CNM group.

Under this new impetus, CNMP took up the challenge of offering an independent and relevant alternative to port 2000, which was then perceived as the future of the container in Le Havre.

The investments made in infrastructure, the geographic and structural advantages of the northern terminals as well as the professionalism of the administrative, technical and dockworkers' teams have made it possible to offer a new and complementary offer in the port of Le Havre.

With the support of the GPMH (Grand Port Maritime du Havre), CNMP then becomes the leading independent container terminal operator in terms of volume in France.
CNMP subsidiaries
With the needs and to structure the terminal's activities, CNMP has created directly from its ranks 3 subsidiaries:

2014 - COGEMAP

Ensures the maintenance of the gantries, of which 2 new are transferred this same year.

2017 - MECAP

Maintenance workshop for riders and tractors.

2020 - COGECO

Company that performs container services, securing, stowing / lashing, stuffing / unstuffing.