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Eco-friendly Improve our everyday work environment

CNMP's eco-friendly trucks

Renewal of the truck fleet an opportunity: Contribute to cleaner air in the port of Le Havre

"Euro6" standard

    The reduction catalyser
    - 95% of NOx elimininated
    The oxydation catalyser :
    - 90% less of carbon monoxide :
    The particulate filter :
    - 99% of small particulates eliminated
larger and cleaner image
A usefull investment

    Urea and deionized water solution.
    95% of nitrous oxides made harmless
    Non-toxic solution,
    non explosive,
    non flammable,

Trucks Better for their direct environment : The employees of the CNMP

  • Low consumption
    SCR technology for an engine economicly optimized.
  • Silent
    To improve again the confort of the operators.
  • Large capacity tank
    For a better autonomy and less moves.

  • Confortable
    Very far from the engine they replace, those news trucks offer an advanced confort to the drivers.
  • Secured and safe
    Equiped with all the last technology in term of warning and security, those vehicules bring more safeety for the drivers and the operators on the docks.

Eco-responsable Tomorrow Several projects are under consideration, including the integration of solar panels to the building structure to empower them and bring hot water to the company.