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La CNMP invests in Le Havre

Following in particular the obtaining of the transatlantic traffic of THE Alliance, the CNMP has decided to strengthen its offer by investing heavily on two fronts that make its identity since 1920 : Productivity and adapted services.

Two major projects have already been completed in 2017, as the entire site has been redesigned and redeveloped. The goal was to completely review its use to improve safety first and then productivity. At the same time the empty storage areas have been moved and enlarged twice.

The CNMP has chosen to continue in this dynamic of modernization by investing in both structural and functional. Thus, new areas will be developed on the terminal and new machines will join existing fleets to renew them, expand them with this constant concern to minimize the impact on an environment inevitably affected. Every step in this area is a plus for Le Havre and its inhabitants.

18 new straddle carriers

With 9 straddle carriers delivered in mid-April 2018 and 9 others in 2022, the CNMP intends to significantly increase its productivity. The main objective of this investment of more than 15 million euros, is to replace the older and less efficient carriers, then to increase their number and their capacity.


The choice of model was also motivated by the desire to further reduce the impact of the company's activity on the air of Le Havre. This is why the chosen rider model has a hybrid engine that, if it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, also requires new skills to the CNMP's technicians that will maintain them: a new challenge.

This purchase is to put in perspective because the CNMP gives here the lines of its future development which passes by a project of redevelopment of its quays. These 2 new docks, which are in the development phase with the GMPH, will allow the CNMP to operate in the René Coty Basin in Le Havre, the largest vessels in the world, thus demanding increased productivity on the land.

A weighing zone

Following the Solas regulation, dated July 1, 2016, the weighing of the containers is imposed before boarding.

This service was already offered by the CNMP which had a weighing zone. However, to meet this new rule, this structure has been modernized and refitted to allow greater autonomy and greater precision.

Located and made available on the "quai de l'Atlantique", it allows a fast weighing and a high accuracy with delivery of a weighing ticket


Container maintenance and washing

Always in this perspective of optimization of the platform and relevance of the services, the CNMP has arranged an area on its terminal to allow operations of small maintenance and cleaning of dry and reefers containers. These operations, which prevent the container from being removed to a repairer, represent a huge time saving and a direct reduction of costs.

The containers are moved to the dedicated area near the empties, then inspected and repaired before being re-stocked. In the case of reefers the procedure requires more control. Thus a PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection) is carried out after the work and an indexation precedes the exit of the reefer. An on-site washing service is also available for the reefers.

Monitoring of reefers

With the current increase in volume of reefers, the CNMP is investing to also increase the capacity of the reefers area to reach 500 plugs.

these 250 additional plugs should allow CNMP to offer greater flexibility to its partners.

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