Road Transport
In the area administered by the Grand Port Maritime du Havre (GPMH) and its surroundings
Internal to CNMP
The drivers of the CNMP truck fleet are all dockers. They have a real experience of the terminal, security procedures due to ISPS zones and the conveyance of dangerous goods.

They therefore ensure unparalleled productivity on container movements in the port area and its surroundings.
A single interlocuteur
If each project is specific, all traffic requires punctual adaptations and therefore rapid and informed reactions from the carrier.

Thus, the road transport service of CNMP has made the choice that each customer has a single dedicated interface operator to offer a response always adapted.
Increasing activity
Born with the aim of providing solutions to our “Ship” partners, road transport has been expanded rationally with the needs and the development of infrastructure.

To date, it is a fully-fledged division which ensures the convoy of 32,000 TEUs per year.

A service for the port and its surroundings

A well-defined area
The service is available for any movement in the area administered by the Grand Port Maritime du Havre (GPMH) and its surroundings.
On-site maintenance
The trucks are maintained and repaired directly on the CNMP site, in the workshops of its MECAP subsidiary, to reduce downtime as much as possible.
A growing fleet
With 25 trucks and 200 chassis, the transport service continues to develop to meet ever-growing demand. In 2022, 5 new trucks will join the park.
Dangerous Goods
All CNMP drivers have been trained and are used to transporting dangerous goods. Thus, we convey all categories of goods except 1 and 7.
Adapted schedules
As the service is directly linked to the life of the port, the hours have been extended to correspond perfectly to it. Our teams are therefore available from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Each traffic has its specificities

Regardless of the volume transported, a personalized study for a tailor-made service is the guarantee of a lasting partnership.
Although the traction service of the CNMP is enjoying growing success, some customers have worked with us for more than 15 years.