Special Operations and Out-of-Gauge (OOG)

Ensured in large part by the COGECO teams, CNMP offers solutions for any loading or unloading of Out-of-Gauge and Breakbulk.

Whether it is military equipment, aeronautical parts (planes, helicopters), yachts, wind turbines, coils or even boxes, the 25 years of existence of the service have made it possible to answer to a large number of projects, all specific, sometimes even extraordinary.
Lashing / Securing / Stowing Out-of-Gauge
COGECO's experts also have the role of lashing, securing and stowing any oversized part (OOG).
Yachts, military equipment, aviation, coils, wind turbines, etc ...
The stuffing / unstuffing is carried out by COGECO teams in dedicated secure areas.

Heavy package at CNMP

A qualified and expert technical department

Dedicated and efficient lifting tools

A specialized and dedicatedcommercial team