Container services
With more than 100 years of activity, national and international partnerships some of which are more than 50 years old, CNMP has, witnessed changes, needs and hazards. With dialogue as the driving force, the bet was made to offer solutions to facilitate and optimize each handling step by offering cutting-edge services within our infrastructures.

In this spirit, the company COGECO was born. Coming from the ranks of CNMP and its partners in the port, COGECO teams carry out all maintenance actions on containers but also the stowing / lashing and stuffing / unstuffing operations.

Directly at CNMP terminal


Dedicated area, empty, full

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Plugs, cleaning, control

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Repairs, maintenance

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The development of the platform and the quays operated by the CNMP was designed from three angles: security, fluidity, services.
Several storage areas have therefore been fitted out.
Some are close to container maintenance workshops, others to security posts, others to stuffing / stripping warehouses. The main idea remains to avoid any unnecessary move in order to minimize delays and costs for our partners.

2 empty storage areas

A secure warehouse of 2000m²

35 ha of land

Demand for reefers is uneven.
COGECO, a CNMP subsidiary in charge of container services, is responsible for making them available as well as monitoring.

255 fixed plugs, up to 500

Temperature monitoring

CNMP has set up an area dedicated to maintenance to be carried out on containers.
Also carried out by COGECO teams, repairs, weighing or other washing are done directly on this area next to our workshops on the terminals.

Container repair

Wash station

Pour reefers et dry