1920 - 2021

La CNMP - Le Havre
More than a century of history
In 100 years of existence, the CNMP has taken up the challenge of keeping its place among the most suitable container terminal operators in Europe. Maintaining its independence has been and remains the only true guarantee of quality of service for everyone.
Dialogue and constant questioning of processes have been the driving forces behind the action taken by our teams since 2014.
Services Adaptés
Capacity of aptness and relevance of the proposed services have been and are the cement of partnerships of more than 50 years. In a sector where the race for gigantism has been leading for years, The CNMP has made the choice of services in addiction and tailored.
The sea and the road are two sources of daily hazards. Our independence and our infrastructure allow us to objectively seek appropriate solutions.
Capaciy - 14000 EVP
With an 800m dock and another 500 for depths of 12.5 and 14.5m respectively, with 10 post-panamax gantries, with a complete fleet of last generation straddle carriers and trucks, the CNMP is able to operate ships of more than 14000 TEU
Container art
Containers on ship
Port of Le Havre

Le Havre - Door of the European Union

2km from the highways for Paris, north and south of France, rail freight directly on the terminal, direct access to the Seine for barges, our terminal is the only one in Le Havre able to act directly as a multimodal platform.
Services proven by 100 years of experience.
Remaining the only independent operator in Le Havre, the CNMP has made the choice to remain in the historic port, closer to the various players in the container industry, reducing the times and costs of journeys and interventions that make up the daily life of the activity.
If the cadence carried by the gantry cranes and the straddle carriers is an important matter, we know from experience that true efficiency consists in anticipating solutions for each scenario. This is how we have developed, on the basis of the needs of our partners, several services at prices consistent with our privileged location. Thus our terminal has, among other things, an area for the maintenance and cleaning of containers and reefers.